Step Into Christmas With Joanna

At a time of year when friends and family come together, Joanna Deacon has been celebrating by bringing together several different cultures at the Christmas fair that she hosted on 2nd December.

Guests were spoilt for choice with a selection of nutritious foods from the Mediterranean, luxurious honey, chocolates and Joanna’s own calming candles on offer. Of particular importance was the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony that took place.

As an integral part of Ethiopian social and cultural life, an invite to attend is considered a mark of friendship and respect. Usually conducted by one young woman dressed in traditional Ethiopian costume of a white dress with coloured woven borders, the ceremony can often last for hours. The coffee is brewed over an open flame, before being grinded, boiled and then sieved several times before being served.

Keeping with the Christmas theme, Frankincense played a key part of the ceremony. Known for its rejuvenating qualities in British culture and cleansing qualities in Ethiopian culture, this aromatic resin created a sweet and warm atmosphere around the ceremony.

Also on offer was Somalian tea, made from a blend of herbs and spices, to create a truly cross-cultural experience for guests.

Joanna’s Coffee Ceremony was a very pleasant event and the warming, rich taste of the Ethiopian coffee, along with the aromatic flavours of the Somalian tea, was just the treat that guests’ needed on a chilly winter day.

The Countdown to Christmas Has Begun


What better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than at a Christmas fair?

Caulcott House will be getting into the festive spirit on Saturday 2nd December at its very own Christmas event, offering those who are attending a wonderful selection of presents that’ll make the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

On offer is Joanna Deacon’s own products, including the restorative and soothing scents of her candles and diffusers. Every product has been carefully prepared to provide a de-stressing aroma that will help to rejuvenate, offering comfort and promising the be the ideal gift for loved ones this Christmas.

As well as this, Joanna will be offering some aromatic olive oils and nutritious foods from all over the Mediterranean, which will include a selection of luxury honey and chocolates.

Please note: the event is by invitation only!

If you’re looking for a present for your loved one this Christmas, click here to visit our product pages, where you can choose from several uplifting candles and many other products.

Help James and Toby in Supporting Hope for Justice

Please help us in supporting James Machin and Toby Woods as they prepare to run the Palestine Marathon on behalf of Hope for Justice!

In March 2018, Joanna Deacon’s son, James, and his friend, Toby, will be raising money to help stop the atrocity of modern slavery by putting their stamina to the test and running a 42km marathon. Their route will take them through the quaint and fascinating centre of the Old City of Bethlehem, as well as two refugee camps, Al Aida and Ad Dheisheh, allowing for a glimpse into the everyday life of a Palestinian.

They would really appreciate your support, and you can help raise money for this brilliant cause by donating directly to their fundraising page.

Donate here! 

Food Clinics With Joanna Deacon

Learn about the benefits of natural herbs at Caulcott House with Joanna Deacon’s food clinics!

Guests are invited to join Joanna at the house and its accompanying grounds, where she will provide advice on the advantages of herbalism and naturopathy. Using her extensive knowledge surrounding the benefits of different herbs, Joanna will work with visitors teaching them how to cook with different herbs as well as understanding the advantages of doing so. Joanna will impart her knowledge of using herbs to cook both recreationally and remedially.

Herbs have many different properties that have been proven to have a positive impact on a large number of potential ailments. This, coupled with the transformative effect the flavours can have on food, makes the Joanna Deacon food clinics a multi faceted experience that you can take home and implement in your life.

Get in touch for more information.

Free Yoga Morning at Caulcott House

free yoga

Looking for a reason to try yoga?

Joanna Deacon is hosting a free taster session on the morning of Friday 1st September for all those wishing to experience our highly personalised, holistic approach to yoga.

As summer begins to fade into autumn, and lush greens make way for the warming tone of gold, join us in the tranquillity of Caulcott House and experience the benefits of yoga.

From increased strength and flexibility, to improving mental clarity and heart health, there are many reasons to try yoga, and we hope that, together, we can assist you in achieving an inner sense of peace.

And if it’s something that appeals to you, then you can make it a regular practice. Our autumn sessions start on Friday 8th September, and we’d welcome your involvement.

For more information about our free taster morning on Friday 1st September, or if you want to find out about our autumn yoga sessions, contact Joanna via email at or by phone at +44 (0) 1869 343139.

We hope to see you there.

Herb Walk at Caulcott House

This September, Joanna Deacon will be hosting a herb walk at Caulcott House. Utilising the extensive grounds at Caulcott House, the walk will cover the history of herbs and the many different uses throughout history.

Joanna will use her in depth knowledge of herbalism and naturopathy to discuss the different uses that each herb has and how you can implement these uses in your life. Historical herbal uses will also be discussed along with medicinal benefits and the positive impact that the utilisation of herbs can have on your mental wellbeing.

The Caulcott House retreat focuses entirely on one’s wellbeing within a restorative and peaceful environment. Get in touch today to register your interest in the Herb Walk or for more information.

Yoga at Caulcott House


Plenty of yoga sessions have been going on at Caulcott House. Our sessions have been very busy and extremely popular. Covering all types of yoga from contemplative to energetic, we have the yoga classes to suit you.

With the sunshine beginning to make an appearance we have been holding some of our yoga sessions outside in the grounds surrounded by nature! Our yoga classes will help you to benefit from the many physical and psychological improvements including strength, flexibility, balance and vitality.

Our classes are suitable for all levels with no previous experience needed. Class sizes are limited to 5 participants in order to provide a personal experience.

To book, or for more information, contact Joanna via email at or by phone on +44 (0) 1869 343 139.

Woo your valentine with a sensual Joanna Deacon candle

Valentines - Joanna Deacon

As Valentines Day fast approaches and heart adorned products are filling the shelves, you may be wondering what the best gift could be for your loved one. Why not give the gift of relaxation with Joanna Deacon fragranced candles or diffusers?

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Joanna Deacon products are the perfect gift. They don’t only look nice but provide genuine benefits for the user such as better sleep or less stress as well as smelling beautiful.

Our candles are available to purchase online or in any of our stockist stores; Wild Honey or Vanilla, both in Oxford.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any information.

Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya for Life Research


As you may know, Joanna Deacon and Caulcott House are working in collaboration with Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya for Life Research (SBHFLR) to bring authentic yogic tradition to the heart of Oxfordshire. The Nepalese retreat sits idyllically at the base of the Himalayan Mountains providing its visitors with a serene and tranquil environment.

A visit to the retreat is a minimum of 5 days and aims to deepen your yogic practise and make yogic living part of your daily life.  Smoking, alcohol and drugs are all prohibited along with mobile phones which must remain switched off. Visitors are encouraged to remain silent for as often as possible while following the daily programme involving walking meditation, yoga asana and pranayama (breathing practises). The retreat aims to rediscover one’s total happiness and health through practising a holistic yoga system and naturopathy.

While spending time at SBHFLR you can train, harmonise and rediscover you physical, mental and spiritual nature. By working with Junko and Kamal from the SBHFLR, Joanna Deacon aims to spread this very same message at Caulcott House and encourage everyone to come along.

While Caulcott House is not at the foot of the Himalayas, it is in Oxfordshire surrounded by the picturesque English countryside. With herb gardens, animals, meditation and yoga classes as well as training in naturopathy, Joanna Deacon endeavours to bring you a taste of this tranquil Nepalese retreat right here in Oxford.

To find out more about the SBFLR and Caulcott House and how they can benefit you, do not hesitate to get in touch or come along a visit us, we’d love to see you.

Introduction to meditation at Caulcott House

intro to meditation

Joanna Deacon will be hosting a four week introduction to meditation course at Caulcott House starting on Tuesday January 4th at 12:30pm. The course will look at the benefits of meditation and how it helps us in our everyday lives.

The course is being led by Mike Newell who says, “for many people these talks have been a turning point in their lives, away from the frantic motorway of pleasure seeking, to the gentle countryside of contentment and happiness.”

The course focusses on bringing traditional meditation into the modern world. To book, or for more information, contact Joanna via email at or by phone on +44 (0) 1869 343139

The Joanna Deacon Gift List


It is that time of year again, Christmas is drawing closer and there is a long list of people to buy gifts for. With Joanna Deacon there are a number of beautiful and enhancing products to fill your gift list this Christmas. Using her knowledge of Herbalism, our founder Joanna Deacon has created a number of products that will be more than just a gift for your friends and family.

Why not help your loved ones sleep easy and in style with a vintage Liberty fabric eye mask? The soft cotton fabric with blackout lining will block out the light whilst remaining comfortable. Buy here.

Joanna Deacon candles come in a number of shapes and sizes but all offer the same benefits. Not only are they a stunning addition to any home décor they will also leave the room smelling beautiful and inviting. On top of this the candles also offer other benefits such as relaxation and stress relief. Diffusers are also available. Buy here.

Our Just Lovely Pouches are the perfect stocking filler this Christmas, and what a beautiful smelling stocking it will be! Place the pouch in a handbag, drawer or wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling lovely and fresh. Buy here.

Wild Honey now stocking Joanna Deacon Candles


Oxford’s organic health store Wild Honey is now stocking Joanna Deacon candles. With one store located on Magdalen Road in East Oxford and another located in Summertown, the all-natural candles are never too far away.

Wild Honey is passionate about food and health and chooses only the freshest, local and organic produce. They sell everything from food and drink to beauty products and homeware, which is where our candles come in.

Made from all organic ingredients, Joanna Deacon candles not only look and smell exquisite but also provide added benefits to the mind, body and soul. Our founder Joanna Deacon’s knowledge in Herbalism means that the aroma of the candles can help with a variety of ailments including headaches, migraines and trouble sleeping.

We are excited to be working with Wild Honey to bring organic and natural products to the people of Oxford. To buy a Joanna Deacon candle head down to one of the Wild Honey stores or shop online now.

Meditation classes begin at Caulcott House

joana-deacon-picture-2-copySoaked in the crisp winter sun, Caulcott House welcomed our first guests to be taking meditation classes with Kamal Mainali on Saturday (5th November). Kamal is a long time teacher of meditation and has been rigorously trained in a variety of yogic disciplines since childhood.  The adult group started with a discussion of the merits of meditation, the difficulties that those practising meditation may experience along with what individuals wanted to achieve.

Kamal led a guided session for the intimate group. This modern take on meditation offers an abundance of benefits that can help virtually anyone irrespective of age and has been well received by all of the participants.

Following the session, guests had an opportunity to enjoy some herbal or traditional tea while the second group, consisting of young adults aged from 14 to early 20s, practised meditation. This age range covers something that our founder Joanna Deacon is looking to promote further in the future at Caulcott house with meditation for children. Mental clarity and a sense of inner peace is something that can be encouraged and achieved at any age.

Meditation at Caulcott house is ideal for those who are looking to enhance their mental and spiritual beings. Our next classes will take place on Saturday 3rd December.

To book, or for more information, contact Joanna via email at or by phone on +44 (0) 1869 343139

Caulcott House Brings the Spirit of Nepal to Oxfordshire

You may know that Joanna Deacon’s interest in natural lifestyles and alternative therapies has taken her all over the world. Joanna regularly visits a wide variety of specialist centres in order to continuously develop her knowledge of natural and holistic living and therapies. One such centre, a yoga and ayurvedic retreat nestled deep in the Nepalese Himalayas, has a philosophy which resonates particularly with Joanna. The Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya for Life Science specialises in practice and research of ancient traditional yoga and naturopathic living and offers a tranquil environment for people from all backgrounds to experience the deeply restorative effects of the yogic lifestyle. Following various visits to this special place, in which she has been helping to plan an organic herb garden suitable for the mountainous climate, Joanna Deacon has developed a great relationship with two of the centre’s founders, Kamal and Junko, who are now well established in London as leading experts in ancient yogic practice.

Building on this partnership, Joanna Deacon is excited to announce visits from these two highly experienced yoga practitioners, who will be leading specialist classes in Caulcott House’s tranquil grounds. From our peaceful yoga facilities, Junco will guide you to experience and develop your feminine wisdom of the body through a range of asana and meditation and her wonderful teaching presence. With Kamal, take a beginners, intermediate or advanced class with a yogic practitioner knowledgeable in highly advanced practice and experience the spiritual benefits that ancient traditional yoga has to offer. For more information on sessions, please contact Joanna.

Feathered Friends Enjoy a Blooming Caulcott House

rare breed birds

Summer is truly upon us and, having already received a fair amount of both sunshine and rain, the grounds at Caulcott House are in full bloom. Amongst the luscious green lawns, Joanna’s organic herb garden and the array of wildflower beds, our feathered friends have been making the most of the seasonal weather and exploring their surroundings.

As well as looking handsome, our rare-breed birds provide an essential gardening service at Caulcott House – as free range organic slug control. Whilst our chickens eat their breakfast, they also help protect the garden plants and get rid of the need for unnatural pesticides.

You may have noticed some changes to our website recently, letting you know all about the experiences on offer in the house and gardens. Take a look around the site and contact Joanna for more details about booking a holistic course and experiencing the natural, restorative environment of the beautiful Caulcott House yourself.

Herbs for Health

liver plants

We had a great yoga session with a general focus on the liver followed by herbal teas and an hour or so looking at herbs associated with helping our liver.

The liver is arguably the most overworked organ in our body, responsible for an incredibly diverse number of functions such as storing nutrients absorbed from our gut and making sure that our glucose levels are maintained. Of course, glucose is really important for the working of our brain. The liver is a major place for the breaking down of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Processing toxins is the function that most people know about, however a lot of people do not know that the liver is a blood reservoir, so, if there is a serious injury to the body with major blood loss, the liver releases blood reserves which keeps the body going.

These are just three of the herbs used in herbal medicine when thinking about supporting the liver:

Milk thistle

This is the most wonderful herb and has been used for thousands of years to help us get over the effects of too much booze. It can also protect the liver from any sort of chemical onslaught and can even reverse some of the damage caused by chemicals. This is normally bought as concentrated milk thistle seed.

Dock leaves

In herbal medicine if faced with skin problems, the liver is often treated. The dock plant is particularly good for skin problems caused by an allergy. The root of a dock plant is normally used which can come in tincture form or as dried root.


If your liver has had a bit of a bashing through drinking too much alcohol, or you have been in an environment filled with solvents, dandelion will help your liver to cope. At this time of year, you can pick leaves and put them in a salad, or drinking dandelion tea is another option.

Fundraising for Greatwood Charity


Towards the end of February this year, we donated a well-being hamper of Joanna Deacon products including candles, soaps and diffusers to a fundraising raceday event for ex-racehorse charity, Greatwood, for their silent auction.

Greatwood is a charity very close to our hearts that is committed to supporting vulnerable young people ages 5-24 with autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Global Development Delay, Attachment Disorder, Asperger Syndrome and further social and behavioural difficulties. Running six educational courses, Greatwood aims to prepare children and young adults for their future life with various education programmes, incorporating interaction with their ex-horses through equine assisted therapy.

The charity aims to inspire young people, encouraging ambition and confidence to those who have had traumatic pasts and challenging upbringings. Equine Assisted Therapy is proven to aid people mentally, physically and emotionally, and so, Greatwood use the horses as examples to teach and draw the parallels of neglect many of their ex-races have suffered with the difficult pasts some young people in their courses have experienced.

Since its creation in 2006, Greatwood has educated over 3,500 underprivileged children and young adults, with their SEN programmes helping to show young people the variety of opportunities available career-wise in the countryside, educating them in all areas of farming, animal welfare and horticulture, minimising the risk of these young people experiencing a future of unemployment, crime or anti-social behaviour.
We were more than happy to donate a hamper to such a worthy cause, and hope that the winning bidder thoroughly enjoys their hamper, content in the knowledge that their money is enabling Greatwood to carry on the fantastic work they do day in day out.
To find out more about Greatwood, please visit their website.

Herbs for Health and Yoga


Spring is such a good time to look at ways to help the body function at its very best. Our own gardens at Caulcott are full of that special green that looks so full of potential.

Yoga expert, Sarah Perry and I are having a yoga and herbs afternoon on Saturday 9th May, dedicated to detoxification. We are looking in particular at the liver and how we can help to assist this amazing part of our body to do its job in the optimum way. Yoga will be followed by serving relevant herbal teas, a talk and a walk in our herb garden to get to know at first hand the herbs we have mentioned.

May 9th will be the first of a series of days looking at the healing effects of herbs and yoga.

Yoga Studio Opened

yoga lessons

As part of our dedication to wellbeing, Joanna Deacon has opened a Yoga Studio in the grounds of Caulcott House. The studio is open each week providing small groups of participants tailored sessions by appointment for those seeking a healthy lifestyle. During the summer, weather permitting, we will be undertaking some sessions in the grounds.

This new activity forms part of Joanna Deacon’s approach to providing considered and focused wellbeing services. Joanna Deacon’s Yoga Teacher is a registered member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and qualified as a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher.

The classes are being held in our studio and in the grounds of Caulcott House.

The sessions are not large, in fact limited to no more than five, to allow for highly tailored individual coaching.

The classes include asana (postures), meditation and breath work, and are designed to help participants develop and understand how to utilise the body’s natural energy to create inner peace, whilst additionally improving the body’s strength and flexibility.

30th March – Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day

In childhood, mum could always be counted on for hot meals, clean clothes and bandaged knees. As we get old enough to cook and clean for ourselves, mum becomes a confidant, a shoulder to cry on and a best friend.  As we all know, mums work very hard all year round, and Mother’s Day is your chance to say thank you for everything. This year, show your appreciation by treating your mum to a truly special gift from Joanna Deacon.

The aroma-based products in the Joanna Deacon range are perfect for hard-working mothers everywhere. All of our products are crafted from natural, organic ingredients and contain soothing plant extracts.

Tension Be Gone

At the end of a long and stressful day of taking care of the family, there can be nothing better than a hot bath, a glass of wine and a Joanna Deacon Tension Be Gone candle filling the air with soothing aromas. This blend of lavender, geranium and marjoram is perfect for restoring tranquility and calming the senses.

Perfect Balance

Even the most invincible mothers can feel the effects of stress. The Italian bergamot, lemon oil and chamomile in the Perfect Balance candle have been used to treat anxiety for centuries. Once the Perfect Balance candle is lit, the fragrances help to settle the emotions and bolster endurance.

Sweet Dreams

At the end of a long day of being the best mum in the world, this soothing blend of cedarwood oil and sandalwood will spirit her away to a relaxing and well-deserved rest.

Fearless & Fortified

For an extra boost to help face the challenges of motherhood, the fearless and fortified candle contains infusions of coriander, frankincense and ginger which combine to strengthen resolve and boost confidence.

The range is available in Round Travel Candles, Square Travel Candles or larger Three Wick Candles. If you can’t decide which fragrance to choose, the Little & Lovely Candle Collection contains one of each.

We have something for all mothers, so visit our online store now and give your mum the gift she truly deserves.

A Pair of Lovebirds for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, things have been very busy around Caulcott House. Our friends at Vanilla in Oxford have once again helped with a Valentine’s Day promotion and we thought we would add to the spirit of the season with a special feature. Now the Joanna Deacon Sweet Dreams candle display shares a table with a pair of lovebirds in a gorgeous birdcage – what better way to celebrate the season!? Although it is a timely feature, the Vanilla logo also comprises a pair of lovebirds so they would make an excellent fit at any time of year!

In other news, we are glad to announce that Bluedog & Sought are now stocking the Joanna Deacon range of wellbeing products. The Woodstock boutique was founded in 2005 by Suzanne Sherlock. Her mission is to gather together a mix of unique and gorgeous objects from all over Europe, and to fill British homes with beauty. Naturally, our candles and diffusers feel right at home – so much so in fact, that they form a prominent part of the Bluedog & Sought Valentine’s Day window display.

Remember, it’s not too late to get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone special. Pop in to Vanilla or Bluedog & Sought or visit our online store.

Sweet Dreams this Valentine’s Day from Joanna Deacon

Valentines Day

This Valentine’s day, why not give the gift of relaxation to the one you love? With its carefully selected therapeutic plants and herbs, the Joanna Deacon Sweet Dreams three-wick candle is the ideal gift for someone special.

The Sweet Dreams candle contains infusions of Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine which, aside from their soothing effects, have also been popular for centuries for their qualities as an aphrodisiac. Ylang-Ylang is considered to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. Even in small amounts, the calming and relaxing effect of Ylang-Ylang can have profound effects, intensifying sensuality and removing inhibitions.

On the emotional plane, Jasmine is relaxing and warming relieving those nerves and restoring confidence. Jasmine acts on both the emotional and physical level. Since the majority of sexual health issues arise from anxiety, depression or fear rather than a physical cause, Jasmine can really help to relax the body and mind. It is through these qualities that Jasmine’s reputation as an aphrodisiac has stretched back into antiquity.

The popularity of Sandalwood as a perfume is very much linked to its reputation as an aphrodisiac and so many writings tell us of Sandalwood’s powerful effects. The highly aromatic Cedarwood used in so many ancient ceremonies and medicine again reduces stress and tension and adds a sensual odour to this beautifully fragrant combination of oils.

Perfect as a gift, you can light one of our Sweet Dreams candles to set a romantic mood and fill any room with a calming and luxuriant fragrance.

The Sweet Dreams candle is also available as a round travel candle, as well as the larger, three-wick candle. Like all of our candles, the Sweet Dreams range is comprised of a 100% organic blend of beeswax and soya content from sustainable sources and the wicks are made from high quality organic braided cotton. They are presented in crystal grade quality, sapphire glass containers and they all come in beautiful presentation boxes.

So, why not relax with your partner in the glow of our Sweet Dreams Candle and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. Who knows where the evening will take you?


Vanilla and Joanna Deacon Form a Perfect Union

Vanilla and Joanna Deacon

As we step into the New Year, it’s a good time to appraise our achievements. With that in mind, I’m proud to report the success of the Joanna Deacon range of well-being products in Oxford boutique, Vanilla. For several months now, our selection of natural aromatic candles, diffusers and pouches have enjoyed their own dedicated display and they have captured the imagination of many of Vanilla’s customers.

Vanilla was founded in 2000 in the leafy suburbs of North Oxford. After almost 14 years of business, the shop is now a popular feature of Summertown and it featured in the Telegraph list of the 50 Best Fashion Boutiques outside of London. Today, it continues to provide a range of exciting and eclectic clothes, accessories and objects for the home.

The Vanilla philosophy of living well and surrounding oneself with beautiful things resonates perfectly with the Joanna Deacon ethos of well-being and positivity. It’s there that we found the perfect outlet for our range of products.  Just like the rest of the stock sold by Vanilla, our natural products are designed with an emphasis on beauty and taste as well as their health benefits.

We’re delighted to be associated with such a wonderful boutique as Vanilla but if you’re not fortunate enough to be in Oxford, you can always order anything from the Joanna Deacon range in our online store.

Autumn in the Garden

Joanna Deacon Opens New Consulting Room and Yoga facilities

Joanna Deacon Sarah Perry Yoga

In line with Joanna Deacon’s philosophy of wellbeing products that address the specific needs of their users, Joanna has recently opened a client consulting room and yoga facility. The room and facilities have been beautifully converted from one of the many outhouses in the grounds of Caulcott House.

Joanna will be taking advantage of her qualifications and will be practicing from the new consulting room with effect from November 2013, offering clients one-to-one consultations relating to wellbeing options, through the use of herbalism and naturopathy.

As part of Joanna’s client-based services, Sarah Perry, registered member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and recently qualified as a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher, will be holding small yoga classes in the consulting room.

Sarah’s approach towards yoga is very much driven by her strong views of recovery through a restorative approach and they match Joanna’s ethos of wellbeing through natural resources. Intentionally the classes are not large, in fact limited to no more than five, to allow for highly tailored individual coaching.

The classes will include asana (postures), meditation and breath work, and are designed to help participants develop and understand how to utilise the body’s natural energy to create inner peace, whilst additionally improving the body’s strength and flexibility.

A Garden Full of Herbs for our Aromatherapy Candles

Joanna Deacon's herb garden grows the ingredients that inspire the range of aromatherapy candles

After a long, harsh winter, finally the garden is springing into life.  All that pent-up energy is released with just a few hours of sunshine, as we slowly creep into spring.  The leaf buds are turning green, the blossom is exploding with bursts of colour, and the herbaceous plants are quickly emerging from the ground.  I am going around my garden, taking note of which plants have won the battle for survival after the long, grey winter, which is thankfully now slipping away.

Our entire range of products is inspired by nature, our aromatherapy candles infused with traditional English herbs, which are nurtured and tended to with great attention and care. In terms of the natural herbs that go into our luxurious candles and diffusers, peppermint is a key ingredient in the ‘Tension Be Gone’ candle.  With a long tradition of medicinal use, peppermint is known for its’ fresh, menthol scent, and is great for headaches, helping to soothe and clear the mind.  In combination with this is lavender, now flourishing in the garden, which is calming and helps to relieve tension.  Marjoram and geranium complement these key herbs with their ability to create balance and a sense of ‘eveness’, marjoram again being good for headaches and helping to relieve nervous tension.

I am also currently seeding and planting the chamomile, a prominent ingredient in our ‘Perfect Balance’ candle, as it creates a soothing and calming effect and helps to reduce anxiety and stress.  As mentioned previously, I have always been drawn to nature for its beauty and its ability to provide answers to healing.  For me, plants are like friends, and as I take stock of the cowslips, violets and heartease pansies, I take joy from their growth and natural beauty.  This year I am aiming to make oil from the sweet-scented violets, and perhaps a salve from the heartease pansies, which is brilliant for irritated skin.

Another side of our business is supplying home-grown herbs and cottage plants in vintage pots, each display created unique and beautiful in its’ own right – to see them sitting on the shelf in the greenhouse, blooming and infusing the air with their herbal and floral scent, gives me enormous satisfaction.  I take great care in considering which herb suits which pot, and which combination of plants and herbs will best show off the pairing.

When you purchase a Joanna Deacon product, you are getting so much more than just a scented candle or diffuser.  Our entire product range has been designed with a holistic approach, the combination of traditional English herbs and essential oils in each candle/diffuser chosen specifically to target a wide range of physical ailments, and to calm and balance the mind.  Check out the whole product range on this website to see which of the four specially-crafted aromatherapy formulations are best for you, and your therapeutic needs.

Candles in Kerala

I am always on the lookout for spices and natural ingredients that can be used to expand the range of Joanna Deacon well-being fragrance-based products.

As a result early on in 2013 Nick, my business partner and husband, spent a period of time researching new ingredients in the Indian State of Kerala.

We started our quest in Cochin, now spelt Kochin, the spice corner of the world and where pepper was originally introduced and traded to the rest of the globe in the 15th Century. During the visit we spent time visiting the present day spice shops, needing only a few directions as the scent of spice was pervasive.

As our product range increases I would also like to include both body soaps and scrubs, so again the visit allowed us to research new ingredients for the UK market. We spent time experiencing at first hand the Ayurvedic medicinal preparations of the 5000 year old Ayurveda health system of Southern India, which uses many of the spices that we were investigating in both topical and internal medicine. We tried out some of the body scrubs and massages during our trip and found them to be both ideal and complementary to our plans for the future of the business.

During the visit we also looked at how these beautiful and aromatic goods were presented and found close similarities with Joanna Deacon products. Our choice of sensuously colored dark glass bottles, filled with diffusing scents made from local ingredients, and beautifully wrapped in natural packaging personifies our candle and diffuser range.

As the trip was hectic and full of activity we spent the last few days on the back waters of Kerala, floating around on a traditionally-made boat. Here was the perfect place to use my Joanna Deacon travel candles as the sun went down over the coconut groves. All so very beautiful.

Joanna Deacon and The Vision Charity

I have always held strong and positive views about supporting a few very special charities and organisations that I believe bring benefits to some highly deserving people. The Vision Charity does exactly that, supporting visually impaired children and children with learning disorders such as dyslexia.

For the past 37 years to help raise funds, The Vision Charity have arranged and promoted an annual Christmas ball. This December (2012) Joanna Deacon donated a hamper full of products to The Vision Charity for an auction at the annual ball. Apart from the money raised from the sale of the hamper, both Nick my business partner and husband attended the event as paying guests. As expected the event was full and achieved exactly what it was intended for; that being to raise funds for the charity and provide a fantastic evening for all of the charities’ supporters.

Jackie Waller, the winning bidder for the Joanna Deacon hamper, was kind enough to pass on her comments and thanks to me in an e-mail.  Her testimonial read:

‘I can only say that your basket of “goodies” was fantastic!   It was like Christmas all at once when I got home and looked at what I’d bid for.  I have loved burning your lovely candles and using your diffusers – there were far too many for me in the basket I bid for, so I’ve given the little candles out to friends at dinner parties, and spread the word about Joanna Deacon and your products.  The candles smell so lovely – and call me thrifty, but I have cleaned out the blue glass candle holders, and put tea lights in them for dinner parties etc – and I still have half of your basket left!  Thank you Joanna – your products are absolutely lovely, and certainly the best quality candles I’ve ever experienced.  I promote them to friends whenever I can.’

We have got there at last!

The Joanna Deacon range of therapeutic candles has been launched, and is alive and well in outlets in London’s West End and Oxfordshire’s Summertown. The product range was officially launched on July 22 on a beautiful sunny day in Caulcott, Oxfordshire, against a backdrop of traditional English countryside complete with a herb garden. We were lucky enough to have our first photos and editorial mention from the magazine House and Garden.

All my life I have been drawn by nature for its beauty and its ability to provide answers to healing. I grew up in rural Oxfordshire and went to school in Malvern, both stunningly beautiful areas where growing and nurturing are important to everyday life. This probably set the scene for me training as a horticulturalist and garden designer. After going into business I spent many years helping clients to develop all kinds of garden space, staying in touch with the majority of people to guide the ongoing process of developing an outside area.

Whenever one of my three children needed medical attention I reached for the natural answer. This began my looking at plants from a different perspective: that of physical healing. Wanting to learn more I studied for several years and qualified as a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath.

I met Jonathan Ward several years ago and was struck by the loveliness of his candles – he is the ultimate craftsman when it comes to beautiful candles. So fast forward a couple of years and a collaboration of my herbal knowledge and Jonathan’s wonderful way with wax has produced a very fine therapeutic candle. The candle is packaged in white cotton cloth with a little pouch of rose petals popped on the top of the candle, a little gift to put into a drawer of clothes.

Maggie’s Garden Party

On July 22 we opened the gates to the gardens Caulcott House, near Bicester. The grounds include a large herb garden, a small traditional orchard, extensive lawns and floral gardens. For some time, we have been following the successes of garden parties held in support of Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, and believe it to be an ideal way to raise funds for such a great cause.

Fortune shone on the day. It turned out to be one of the best days of the summer so far, which made the event for over 100 visitors a great success, particularly as it raised over £500 for Maggie’s. Various local businesses supported the event: Teapigs donated herbal teas; Eagles Catering supplied scones and cream teas; the National Herb Centre brought packet seeds and delicious herb tray-bakes; local pub the Horse and Groom provided the marquee; and Millie’s equipment hire and Lower Heyford Church loaned crockery. A display of vintage wares and antique furniture from Liscious Interiors of Summertown made for an interesting array for guests to peruse, and local vintage clothing specialist Paula Raven joined forces with us to provide a pop-up shop offering a wide range of vintage clothing and jewellery, along with our own natural-aroma products.